Unable to contact Bitbucket server after upgrade to 9.5

Hello all!
The Sonarqube version 8.6 was upgraded to the 8.9.9 w/o any issue. After upgrading to 9.5 the connection to Bitbucket Server failed immediately:

2022.08.10 12:47:46 INFO web[AYKJQzTyxs8/AhJ3AAA3][o.s.a.c.b.BitbucketServerRestClient] Unable to contact Bitbucket server: Unexpected response code for CONNECT: 403 java.io.IOException: Unexpected response code for CONNECT: 403

We are using the Personal Access token to connect which was verified from the Sonarqube VM: we were able to reach the Bitbucket API w/o any issue using curl command. Unfortunately I couldn’t create the Jira ticket for the Sonar project. Can someone take a look?

  • Atlassian Bitbucket v7.17.9 Data Center

Hey there.

The only difference I can think of between SonarQube v8.9 LTS and v9.5 is that, for security reasons, SonarQube will no longer follow redirects when hitting the Bitbucket URL. Is the URL you’re providing in your configuration the final URL of your server?

Hi Colin! We are running the Apache server in front that is acting as a reverse proxy to redirect the requests. But I think it is the usual set up for the Application server. And we are using the final Bitbucket URL .

The issue was that the old configuration used the internal proxy server. After removing the proxy properties from the sonar.properties file the connection started to work. Thank you!


That was going to be my second line of investigation. Great job sorting it out – glad you’re back in action.