Unable to connect to sonarcloud.io from some IP addresses


We are currently facing a problem that started today. We aren’t able to connect to https://sonarcloud.io from some of our IP addresses. Our build server is currently down as it can’t access sonarcloud API.

On Microsoft Edge, we have a HTTP 503 error. On Google Chrome, it’s a “ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”.

Thank you for your help.

We have found that the problem is related to a DNS issue.

When it doesn’t work, nslookup sonarcloud.io gives us these entries:

On the other hand, when it works, we have these entries:

I temporarily fixed our build server by manually editing the hosts file but this is something that may be acceptable if it remains temporary.

What’s wrong with the DNS?

For additional information, DNS that “does not work” are all French DNS (OVH and SFR). It works with Google DNS ( and

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Hi Fabien, thanks for letting us know. I just tried to resolve via one of OVH’s publicly accessible DNS servers and it seems to be working. Can you let us know which one you are using?


We were using as our primary DNS server but, today it’s working fine. Not sure to know what the problem was last week…

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Ok! Just let us know if it happens again.