Unable to activate SonarQube Rule

Hello Team,

We recently upgraded SonarQube 8.3 to 8.4, found that there are few new security rules are added. When I go and activate that It again sets back to deactivate.
Added screenshot.
Created new Quality Profile - > activated the rule - > refreshed the page, again it sets back to deactivate.
Rule name: Web SQL databases should not be used

See the screenshot below:
This screenshot shows me that there are new rules added and I need to activate it.

Here I go and activate the rule.

I activated the rule, refreshed the page, it sets back to deactivate and asks me to reactivate it.

Is this a known issue or a glitch? How do I activate that rule?

I am adding @sohailshaikh001 for followup

Hi Abhishek,

Could you check your browser’s console for errors?

Also, could you click-through to the rule detail page & check out the list of profiles it’s activated in there?