Typescript incremental analysis

  • ALM used GitHub
  • CI system used GitHub actions
  • Languages of the repository - Typescript/Javascript
  • Potential workaround - choose the right option for turning on incremental analysis

We use Sonar Cloud and have some limitations. We already increased limits, but it still doesn’t help.

I have a medium-sized typescript project. It seems that every time it analyzes the project, it analyzes the whole project and doesn’t count the incremental options I have enabled.

I didn’t find relevant documentation about incremental analysis. I use Sonarqube github action with this configuration

  - name: SonarCloud Scan
    uses: sonarsource/sonarcloud-github-action@v2.0.0
     ** some vars here **
      projectBaseDir: "."
      args: >

What are the limitations you’re facing?

sonar.incremental… does not exist, so configuring it isn’t going to help any.

I suggest providing some more information on the limitations you’re facing – is it analysis time (if so, how long)? Resource utiliization?

I’m facing the limitations of how many lines can be analyzed, so I want to utilize it as best I can.

As I mentioned, we increased the limits, but the analysis still drains our resources.

The main question surrounding it is how to properly analyze projects with a lot of lines on SonarCloud?

as sonar.incremental … doesn’t exist, could you provide me any best practices that can help me?

Do you mean that you’re facing a limitation regarding your license?


Keep in mind that you can adjust the analysis scope if there are files you don’t need to be analyzed (third-party code, which should be excluded by default, for example).

Otherwise… we license by lines of code (the total amount analyzed at a given time, not using up a quota with each scan), and you’ll have to adjust your license to account for that.

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