Incremental analysis for Azure DevOps javascript build


We are running several typescript/javascript projects in Azure DevOps (SonarCloudPrepare and SonarCloudAnalyze steps) and would like to optimize sonar analysis performance. Is there a support for incremental analysis for typescript/javascript or some other performance optimizations we could use?



Hi @davidtorssell and welcome to the community !

I’m afraid we don’t have such feature for now.

Do you need every analysis of every project on each build run ?

Ok, that´s a shame. I guess we don´t really need it, devs use the sonarlint plugin in their ide:s and we will set up a quality gate for pull requests. However having it run at regular speed on first commit of branch and then more quickly would have been much nicer. The visualization would always be there when needed and the pipeline would be faster. Now we need to consider building logic in our pipeline to select when we want it to run or having the pipeline always run considerably slower.

Is this a feature that could end up on a roadmap?

Hi @davidtorssell

Incremental analysis is on our list of ideas, but we didn’t define yet an ETA for that.