Two Sonar Cloud organisations for the same Gitlab root group

If I want to create a second Sonar Cloud organisation that analyzes code from the same Gitlab root group that is already used by some other Sonar Cloud organisation, it that possible? So that would be a 2 SonarCloud organisations on 1 Gitlab group.

It may sound convoluted but you know financial matters can be that way :slight_smile: .

I already just went ahead and tried and couldn’t find any SonarCloud documentation explicitly stating that this is impossible.

However when I try to create the second SonarCloud organisation, it lets me fill in the whole form, but the POST request fired by the “Create Organization and Upgrade” button fails with a 500 Internal Server Error and an uninformative response body:

{"errors":[{"msg":"An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later."}]}

I already waited a few days and tried again a few days later but I keep getting this result.

Hey there.

At this time a single GitLab group can map to a single SonarCloud organization.

Would be able to expand on what conditions require having two separate SonarCloud organizations?

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We have a parent company with about five daughter companies.

The parent company has a Gitlab group used by all daughters.

Two of the five daughters want to use SonarCloud from their own budget for their repositories in the shared Gitlab group.

So I figure that this means that either the two daughter companies have to agree on a way to share the costs for one SonarCloud organization or one of them has to set up their own Gitlab group.