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Do we have support for analysing TSQL scripts in Open Source flavour on cloud ?


Yes, this is included.

Thanks the below link was confusing, it states that TSQL analyser doesn’t come as open source.

I’m looking to scan a simple .SQL file as a starter. Do we have any guidance materials ?

The answer on Stackoverflow is about SonarQube, not SonarCloud.

Please look at https://about.sonarcloud.io/get-started/ to get a first analysis. Also, to get analysis results, you will have to set:

  • set “.sql” as file extensions of TSQL
  • remove “.sql” as file extensions of PLSQL

, in the configuration of your project (“Administration > General Settings”).

Thanks Fabrice!

The answer on Stackoverflow is about SonarQube, not SonarCloud.

So, if we have to get Sonar to our infrastructure to support TSQL, 1) We should have a licensed version and only SonarCloud (cloud flavour) provides an open source for TSQL. 2) Can SonarQube scan SSIS Packages, SSRS ? If the support is available, do we have this support as open source ?

If you want to analyze your private T-SQL code:

  • If you install SonarQube (on premise), you will need a Developer Edition License
  • If you plan to use our cloud service instead (SonarCloud), you will need to upgrade your organization to the paid plan

For your 2nd question, I suggest you open a new thread since it’s a different topic and does not relate to the title of this thread.