Sonarcloud autoscan not currently working on TSQL


I have a repository on github integrated with sonarcloud and configured for automatic scanning. As documented in the automatic analysis page here TSQL is supported by automatic analysis.

However, when the default branch is scanned no files were discovered. Digging a bit further into the background tasks that were executed whilst running project analysis I can see the following settings:

Project scanner properties:

  • sonar.exclusions=/*.cs,/.c,**/.h,/*.cc,/.cpp,**/.cxx,/*.c++,/.hh,**/.hpp,/*.hxx,/.h++,**/.ipp,/*.m,/.java,**/.jav,/*sql,/tab,/*pkb,/.vb

You will note the presence of *sql as an exclusion. This has not been set within the file in the root of the repository (or anywhere else that I am able to find).

Is there any way to configure these defaults values to enable the scanning of TSQL files?

Many thanks,


Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, those exclusions are set server-side to disable unsupported languages. They cannot be overridden. Unfortunately, T-SQL is not supported and shouldn’t be present in the list of supported languages.
I’ll update the documentation accordingly.