Trying to create a Dashboard using SonarQube 8.x APIs

I am trying to create a Dashboard page for my custom plugin. I followed everything there was on the documentation page: Adding pages to the webapp | SonarQube Docs
I can see my pages in the scope of either Global or Admin or Project
But I am having issues while creating the static .js files. No matter whatever I try, I always get this error ‘Page extension failed’. I am using the following simple .js invocation:

const init = require("./my-app/init");

window.registerExtension(‘att/admin_page’, function (options) {
// Start up my custom application, passing the DOM element which will serve as
// the container.
init.boot(options.el, options.currentUser);

Before the script...

...After the script.

// Whenever the user leaves the page, cleanly shut everything down
// (i.e., remove event listeners, stop running timers, etc).
return function () {

Please help me out as I am stuck and cannot move forward! Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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I am facing a similar issue with a custom plugin. were you able to find a solution?