After v9.9.4 update, there is a empty page at /extension/example/global_page


SonarQube Version - Community Edition v9.9.4
Deployed through Zip

After the upgrade, I see there is now an empty page on this path {your-sonarqube-url}/extension/example/global_page


Clicking that takes me to this page,


I’m not sure whether this is caused by a plugin. I upgraded a few plugins as part of this upgrade.
List of plugins updated,
dependency-check-sonar-plugin (v4.0.0 → v4.0.1)
sonar-findbugs (v4.2.6 → v4.2.7)
sonar-cnes-report (v4.2.0 → v4.3.0)

I tried reverting to the previous versions of the plugins that we were using in v9.9.3 and I still see this page.

Is this an expected behaviour that’s part of v9.9.4/is this caused by any plugin that I am using? If so, how can I confirm which plugin is causing this?

Any help/suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

P.S: I did try clicking that DO NOT CLICK ME and this is what the pop-up says,


My bad. I was looking into developing a plugin and I somehow missed that I had installed the sonar-custom-plugin-example jar.
Ref - GitHub - SonarSource/sonar-custom-plugin-example: Shows how to write a SonarQube plugin

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