Trouble switching from GitHub to Azure DevOps

I have previously logged in to SonarCloud using GitHub. Instead of using the analysis of a GitHub repo, I want to use SonarCloud in a DevOps pipeline. When I try to log in now using Azure DevOps I get an error:

How can I change my account from GitHub to DevOps?


First just to be sure, the sign in with Azure Devops feature is only possible for work or school accounts, are you in this situation ?

No I am not. You are telling me that even though I have an Azure Tenant that I use my @live account for, I cannot use SonarCloud in a DevOps pipeline? Just because it isn’t a work or school account?

Indeed, it’s mentioned in the “Get started with Azure DevOps” page.

Ok, so I am going to try this, but, what if I make either my Work or School Microsoft Account an admin in my personal Azure tenant? Do you think that would work?

As long as you are using a work or school account to login onto SonarCloud there should be no issue with it being admin of a “personal Azure tenant”.

We recently made improvements on Microsoft Authentication, and, not only supporting personal account, we support the full MSAL system, with V2 authorization endpoint, which might help you in what you want to achieve.

Could you please test again and let us know ?

Thank you very much !