Trouble starting SonarQube

Hi Team ,

I worked on community edition now i configured developer edition its getting error can you help me on this

I configured linux server first community edition that one stopped again same server developer edition install its getting error.


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I’ve split your posts into a new topic since they weren’t directly related to the thread. Please always create a new thread unless what you have to say is directly related to the original post in the thread.

Regarding your error, what do your server logs say?


Hi Ann,

I am using the developer edition in sonarqube but the only issue is getting the attached file. Help me with this please.


We try to keep it to one topic per thread. Otherwise it can get messy, fast, and this is a different error than what you originally posted. If the docs don’t help you with this latest error, please create a new thread for it.


Yeah I saw doc but they are saying sonar team we are blocked some edition in sonar.

if Possible we can connect and solve this issue.