Thousands of HTML issues found and assigned

Infrastructure information:
SonarQube Azure Devops Plugin version: 4.17.0
SonarQube Server Community Edition version: 8.5

After the update we did on our SonarQube installation from 8.4 to 8.5 I installed the tfvc plugin and run a test master merge to check how the integration with Azure DevOps is functioning and if it’s production ready. The issue is that this merge caused our project to fail with ~2k HTML issues found and assigned to me, although I have not written any HTML on the project and the code is older than the date it has been tagged with which is the date of the master merge.

I cannot understand why this happened and if any configurations that were ignoring HTML issues existed which are now gone because of the plugin that was being used. I should note that the update comes with the embedding of the plugin that was being used for HTML scanning, in the SonarQube core, as described in the release notes of the latest version 8.5.

Any guidance on what should I look for to understand what happened would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Alexander,

My guess would be that you’re the default assignee on the project.

Is it possible that someone edited your project configurations to remove some exclusions or to expand what’s defined by sonar.sources?

If you have access to before-upgrade and after-upgrade analysis logs, this would be the place to start to figure out where those new issues came from.


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Thanks @ganncamp for the response. I will not look further into this since I just resolved all issues as won’t fix. Another problem that I have is that most C# issues that are suppressed with suppression files or comments in a .cs file are not being counted in the actual project filters as won’t fix.

Is this functionality by design?


Well… sorta?

If they’re suppressed, then they don’t get picked up by analysis. So there’s no way to account for them in SonarQube.


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