Question about C# Code Quality and Security Plugin

Hey everyone, we recently updated SonarQube Community Server to the latest version, 8.5, now some of the plugins that were previously installed such as C# Code Quality and Security Plugin and others are not yet available. Furthermore some plugins have been integrated such as git and svn which provide SCM functionality that analyses commits from the versioning software used and accurately assigns issues to the developer that committed the code.

I have been trying to find more information about this plugin and what exactly it does in terms of functionality and the features it provides and why we had it installed. I would like to understand if it is possible to still analyse C#, VB.NET and .NET Core projects and solutions without having the plugins listed below installed:


What did the csharp plugin had to offer that natively SonarQube Server cannot? Where can I find detailed information about this plugin and its usage.

From the plugins listed in the above image only the tfvc plugin is currently available without which we wouldn’t be able to run code analysis from our Azure Devops pipeline in conjunction with the Azure Devops plugin.

Hi @greycr0w,

No need to worry, C# analysis is still part of SonarQube 8.5 :smiley:

We did a bit of rearranging of our how language analyzers are packaged in SonarQube; you can find full details over here.



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Thanks for the quick response @Cameron!

Maybe a link to the post you supplied in the plugin matrix should be included or a different icon for the version 8.5 column to indicate that the SonarSource plugins are now integrated in the core of SonarQube.

Friendly regards,


You’re welcome Alexander!

Fair point regarding the icons. The plugin matrix is undergoing some changes soon with SONAR-12994 and SONAR-12995. I’ll add a suggestion to 12994 with a link to this thread.



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