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Hey all.

Out of the blue, with no changes to our builds/processes, I have started to see our projects show “This Project Is Empty” in the SQ dashboard. We have been adding new projects. Is this a licensing issue or perhaps there is a project number limit (we recently passed 50)?

  • Community Edition
  • Version 7.6 (build 21501)
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I am using sonar qube 7.7 with sonar scanner fo MSBuild for .Net project.
I was able to scan the sln and see the status as passed but when I look at the project I see “This project is empty” and I don’t see any results other than passed beside the project name. Hope someone could help on this.



There is no “licensing” on Community Edition, so it’s not about the number of projects or lines of code. It sounds like an Elasticsearch issue. Try this:

  • stop server
  • delete $SONARQUBE_HOME/data/es5
  • restart server

That will force your indices to be rebuilt & should fix the problem.


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Hi Ann,

I tried the above solution, which you provided. But still I’m facing the same issue.

Sonar scanner shows SUCCESS message, but the project in Sonarqube shows “This Project is empty”.


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i see similar issue as well. Using standalone scanner on SQ version 7.7 and analyzing java . Any leads?


It sounds like your Background Task processing (Project Administration > Background Tasks) failed. What error do you get?


The background does show as success. I am using the Datacentre edition of SonarQube by the way.


Hi Thushma,

What happens when you click on the project name in the Background Tasks page?


I still have an empty project too. There are no tests in the project but I am assuming that SQ will still calculate metrics, issues, etc… Is that true?


Is it possible your analyses are being treated as non-master branches?


I don’t think so. I have created many builds using the SQ plugin and only the one does not work. I even tried re-creating it from scratch and got the same result. It should work just like all the others. Are there any detailed logs that you can point me to that may explain the issue?

Hi Guys,
I´d like to confirm the same issue on my side. We are running enterprise edition, version 7.7.0 (build 23042).
Thanks, Joso

@smyrin could you try deleting $SONARQUBE_HOME/data/es5 and restarting?

Hi Ann, yes I tried that several times but it didn´t helped.I reviewed all topics with this subject before I added my comment here. I truly appreciate your help in this matter. Just FYI, statistic about LOS (Lines of code) is also gone in projects with this issue, but when I go ‘deeper’ to see issues in the files then I´m able to see number with LOC. This is not shown always. I hope this could help you to figure out what went wrong here.Thanks again, Joso

Sorry for answering to your question instead of Sven Myrin.

Hi @Joso_Kosic,

What plugins do you have loaded? And what language(s) are we talking about?


Hey Ann.

There is no SONARQUBE_HOME variable I knew where it’s installed and stopped/started SQ service. I renamed es5 folder but no luck in fixing the issue.

Hi Ann, please check screenshots attached . Let me know if you miss any information there (I´m not sure what you mean by 'what languages we are talking about.)

Facing same issue tried with new project from scratch but it always goes without any error and shows “This project is empty”. I am trying to run with Xcode project. And using Community edition version 7.7.

Thanks @Joso_Kosic. Your screenshots ruled out the problem I was wondering about.

Okay @everybody, I’m going to recap. Multiple people - using editions CE through DCE - are experiencing the following:

  • analysis is successful
  • background task processing is successful
  • project homepage is blank

Can I get you guys to check your empty projects’ Measures and Activity pages to see if they’re blank too, please?

Also, it would be interesting to know what languages are in use in your blank projects. Java, JavaScript, C#, … something “exotic” with a custom or non-marketplace plugin for support?

Thanks for your patience,