This forum meta


I feel like it’s not a good place to raise such topic, but I can’t find better.
And this is what this ticket is about.

I have some technical problems/requests related to this site.
I feel like there should be some meta-subforum for them (because now I must raise it under “SonarQube”, which is not necessarily what I have in mind.

On staff page, there is a link to - but I also don’t feel like it would be the best place to ask such questions - especially that in contact form I am requested to give company email.

For example on original Discourse meta, there is a mail at this place.

I also took a look at site feedback category link in FAQ, but it’s not accesible by me (“That page doesn’t exist or is private.”)


I appreciate your sensitivity. However, we haven’t (yet) felt the need for a meta category. Go ahead and post your concerns here. Maybe you’ll be the seed.


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