The licensing issue in Azure DevOps Prepare Analysis Configuration is not fixed in 4.17.0

Continuing the discussion from Azure DevOps 'Prepare Analysis Configuration' task 4.14.0 has introduced a licensing bug:

  • Azure Devops Extension 4.17.0
  • SonarQube Version 8.2 (build 32929)
  • Using Azure Virtual Machines
  • The fault was introduced with the Azure DevOps ‘Prepare Analysis Configuration’ task 4.14.0

The problem started when the extension updated to version 4.14.0 as described in the referenced topic, however, we are still experiencing the same problem in version 4.17.0.

Hi @kecook

Which version of SonarQube are you using ?



Sorry i meant which edition ? Community, Developer, … ?

Developer edition


Turns out to be a (real) license issue, investigation is ongoing on @kecook 's side.

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