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Hello, we are seeing failures in our Github Checks for our web project (JS / Typescript ). Any insight would be appreciated. All our pull request scans started failing yesterday. Thanks.


Hello @quest313,

it seems our analyzer has a problem with file src/common/video_conference/audio_video_settings/notary_alert.tsx

As a workaround you can temporarily exclude it from the analysis using sonar.excludes property.

If possible, could you pls share the content of the file with us, so we can check what’s going on? (you can do that privately if needed)


I work with Ben.
The notary_alert.tsx file that you reference hasn’t been changed in 2 years, so this is odd, indeed.
I was hoping that the failure was being addressed per the posting on your status page:

I saw another, similar post from just a couple’f weeks ago:

Is you JS/TS parser unstable?

I can send you that file privately, if it would help.
Can you please tell me how to do so?

The parser is stable (we use TypeScript compiler for parsing) however, we did a significant upgrade of our dependencies, so it’s possible that something has changed.

The parsing problem is not related to the incident. The incident was about increased memory usage, which we fixed already.

Can you please check if the notary_alert.tsx file doesn’t contain any special invisible unicode characters, like unicode LRM or similar?