The analyzer was not able to find file "compare"

  • SonarQube 9.9
  • clang frontend of MSVC 2022 (not clang-cl)

The problem seems to be that the std lib header can not be found but obviously it is present.
I can share the reproducer zip per pm if needed.

17:50:04  WARN: 
17:50:04  The analyzer was not able to find file
17:50:04    compare
17:50:04    included from file D:/.conan/e29733/1/include\QtCore/qanystringview.h
17:50:04    included from file D:/.conan/e29733/1/include/QtCore/qstring.h
17:50:04    included from file D:/.conan/e29733/1/include/QtCore\QString
17:50:04    included from file D:/slave/workspace/ture_FWSWT-1104-fwsw-migration-2/UnitTestsFramework/public\UnitTests.h
17:50:04    included from file D:\slave\workspace\ture_FWSWT-1104-fwsw-migration-2\UnitTestsFramework\source\UnitTests.cpp
17:50:04  This impacts the quality of the analysis and leads to inaccurate results.
17:50:04  Please check that the file exists on your machine during the analysis:
17:50:04  * if it doesn't, find a way to persist it after your build;
17:50:04    all the files accessed during the build should be accessible during the analysis
17:50:04  * if it does, please contact SonarSource support providing
17:50:04    the full path to the file
17:50:04      compare
17:50:04    and the file
17:50:04      D:\slave\workspace\ture_FWSWT-1104-fwsw-migration-2\
17:50:04  INFO: SE: 151 out of 289
17:50:04  INFO: Z3 refutation rate: 0 out of 0


hi @petermbauer,
PM sent.

Thanks again for the analysis! The problem was that the stdlib headers of an older version of the VS Build Tools was used that is also installed on the machine. I solved it by calling the respective vcvars64.bat together with the Sonar Scanner command so the environment variables for the include folders are pointing to the correct VS Build Tools installation.

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