Build wrapper cmake / ninja / Qt - Header files not found


Sonar analyser could not find any Qt header, so the analysis doesn’t work well.

The analyzer was not able to find file
  included from file C:/azp/agent/_work/1/s/sources/Sources/precompiled_headers.h
  included from file C:/azp/agent/_work/1/b/builddir/Sources/Common/XLProToolkit/CMakeFiles/XLProToolkit.dir/cmake_pch.hxx
  included from file <built-in>

We’ve got the issue since we have migrated our build system to cmake/ninja. Our previous build system was based on qmake/jom.
The analysis run on Windows 10 VM with azure agent, the analysis is triggered from our Azure DevOps Pipeline.

SonarQube : 8.9
CFamily plugin version:
Logs : (1.1 MB)

Hello @matthieug,

In your build-wrapper json I see that you are using -external:I. The header files that aren’t found reside in the directories added by that option:


The support of this option is coming in CFamily 6.31.

Until then you can try one of these temporary options:

  • Add these include directory twice using “-external:I” and “-I”. This should be functionally equivalent since the directory will still be considered external.

  • Avoid using this option for the analysis build.

  • Write a script that replace -external:I with -I in the build-wrapper.json before running the scanner.


Hi @Abbas_Sabra

I added a DevOps pipeline task to replace the flag in the build-wrapper-dump.json. It works :slight_smile: !
Here the DevOps task :

- bash: |
          cd "$(Build.SourcesDirectory)/bw-output"
          sed -i 's/external:I/I/g' build-wrapper-dump.json

Thank you.


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