TFS on-prem - code coverage

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Hello and thank you for reading


  • TFS 2018 Update 3
  • SonarQube Version 7.2.1 (build 14109)
  • SonarQube TFS Extension: 4.5.1


I wish SonarQube to keep track of my Code coverage and ensure that we stay above the minimum required test coverage. My issues is that I can’t seem to get my code coverage over to SonarQube. I can see on the build summary in TFS that it generated the CodeCoverage, however it’s not being transfered.


I tried following the docs from SonarQube ( however without luck. I also tried a few adjustments I found around the internet however no luck there either.

Current setup

This is out SonarQube pre-analysis configuration

But no codecoverage after we ran the task

Could anyone guide me where I could find some dokumentation that could help setting this up correctly so it will work. We also tried with .NET Core project and followed that guide, however we ran into same issue.

Hope someone can help us with this issue

Thanks in advance.