Coverage on new code -- works for TFVC?

We are using SonarQube 6.7.5. We have .NET projects running MSTest. We have enabled Sonarqube analysis on these projects. We use Visual studio Team foundation server as source control. Our code coverage is showing up correctly on the project dashboard, but coverage on new lines is shown as “–”.

From what I have read from articles on internet I need to configure “sonar.scm.provider”. What value should I set it to for my project. Is it “tfvc” ?

Do we need to install the following plugin on the server to enable “code coverage on new code” apart from the SCM configuration? Will it work with TFS 2018.2

Could you please throw some light on this?

Balaji R

Hi Balaji,

You shouldn’t actually need to configure the SCM provider. In the normal course of things it should be recognized automatically and just handled. So yes, it looks like you’re missing the plugin to support TFVC. Try installing it and reanalyzing (without configuring sonar.scm.provider) and come back if that doesn’t fix the problem.


Thanks very much. I’ll try that out.

Balaji R