TFS2017 Sonarqube Code Coverage not displayed


I have problem with displaying code coverage in Sonarqube from TFS2017. Did everything accordingly to steps described here:
But with no luck…

Code coverage is visible in TFS2017, .trx .coverage and .coveragexml files are generated.
All unit tests are displayed correctly in Sonarqube but without coverage.

I’m using latest Sonarqube

Hey Dave,

Can I reccomend trying your analysis without the additional property you specified in your “Prepare Analysis” step? If you’re using the latest versions of SonarQube and the VSTS Extension, you shouldn’t need to specify that anymore. I think the documentation is a little dated from when their was a specific issue related to picking up the coverage report.

Any additional logs you can provide from your build would be appreicated, especially from your “Run Code Analysis” step.


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Thanks for answer Colin!

I removed additional parameter from Prepare Analysis but it did not help - using TFS2017 Update3 not VSTS.
I’m adding log from Run Code Analysis.

Log.txt (55.4 KB)

Hi Dave,

The filename of your coveragexml has spaces: svcTFSServer_NPC-PC020 2018-07-11 22_31_59.coveragexml

It may be the cause of the issue.