Text based browser support

Hello SonarSource team :kissing_heart:

The company I’m working for has strong security assessments and I’m stuck on old browser.
My only hope is to use text based browser like lynx, it brings me a lot of productivity.

The main page of SonarCloud looks very good

Unfortunately I cannot login :frowning:

Would you consider supporting this browser and save my productivity and velocity ?

With :heart:


I have the same result with w3m. Life in a terminal is tough.


Thanks @Xav for your feature request! This is a very good idea, and I will right away log it into our backlog of great features to implement.

We won’t be able to focus on this for now, because we are hard at work to support all past versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers. But be sure that we’ll keep your idea in mind, somewhere… :wink:


Thanks @Fabrice_Bellingard for your prompt response.

In your effort to support past versions of Internet Explorer, did you consider to support IE3 on MacOS ?

Anyway, kudos for this great move that will make happy tons of developers in financial institutions and North Korea :wink: