SonarQube community edition Not working in IE 11 browser and Safari 5.1.7

Installed Sonarqube community edition and tried running it in different browsers.

It is working fine in Chrome, Mozilla, Edge but not in IE11 and Safari 5.1.7.

Is this a persisting issue or should I do some specific changes in Browser Settings or Am I missing any plugin.

Please do let me know As soon as possible as I am an extensive User of Sonarqube community Edition.


Welcome to the community!

What’s your version of SonarQube?


Even We are having same issue as it keeps spinning on IE whereas on Google Chrome or other browser it’s working .

We are using sonarqube- Community Edition


That got fixed in the latest version:

SONAR-13499 - Webapp is broken for IE11

Please upgrade to 8.4.1 at your earliest convenience.


Thanks Ann

Thanks Ann.

was Breaking head how to solve the issue.

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