Improve usage on mobile

Hello lovely people!

I was using my personal phone for my previous post. In this post I am using my work phone, which is less “smart” for security reasons.

Here is what SonarCloud looks like:

As you can see:

  • Most of the website is impossible to read
  • The website is not responsive

As you can not see:

  • Scrolling works
  • Navigation is impossible
  • I can’t reach the Login button

The documentation states that SonarCloud works best on the 3 last main versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge, but no mention of phone support (yet?). I am quite sure that I am using the last version of the browser on the phone.

Can you do something?

Thank you very much! :kissing_heart:


I have the exact same problem with this Razr provided at work


Well at least you can play Snake… Lucky you ! :heart_eyes:


Dear @Siegfried and @Xav,

Thanks for the feedback,
Unfortunately SonarCloud is supported on those phones only if you use NCSA Mosaic v0.1.2 or older or Netscape Alpha, Beta1 or Beta2 as browser on the phone.
Would that be possible for you ? :fishing_pole_and_fish: :blowfish: :tropical_fish:

Cheers, Olivier


Thanks for your prompt answer @OlivierK.

I will check with the security département if we can hack Motorola Razr’s OS to install Mosaic.

It’s always a pleasure to have such great support from SonarSource engineers. Kudos!


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