Texas instruments Clang-based Compiler

i am currently trying to analyse a c++ project, which is build with the clang-based ti compiler (tiarmclang).
Afaik this compiler is currently unsupported by SonarCloud?
I have seen, that there is a “new” approach to use a compilation database instead of the build wrapper and thought this might be possible. However, i still get the message, that the compiler is unsupported.
Is there currently a way to still analyse the code?

  • ALM used: Azure DevOps
  • CI system used: Azure DevOps
  • Languages of the repository : C++

Best regards,

Hi @Sebastian1 ,

Correct, the tiarmclang compiler is currently unsupported, see the related ticket CPP-4089. We are going to add support for it soon. Are you able to build it with another compiler while waiting for its official support?

Hi Massimo,

sorry for the late replay. I was able to use a normal clang-compiler to generate compile commands and use those to start the analysis.
Thanks for the suggestion, and thx for the link to the ti-compiler ticket :slight_smile:

Hi @Sebastian1 ,

[CPP-4089] - Jira was fixed and it is now available on SonarCloud.