Does Sonar Cloud support C++ Builder from Embarcadero?

Does Sonar Cloud support C++ Builder from Embarcadero?

We don’t explicitly support Embarcadero – we have a ticket in the backlog about supporting at least some flavors CPP-2092) to monitor interest!

Can you tell me what DevOps platform you’re integrating SonarCloud with? GitHub, Azure Devops, Gitlab, Bitbucket… that might open up some possibilities.

We are using Azure DevOps platform

Thanks. No dice then. Unless you can build with a supported compiler.

By chance, do you know what the underlying compiler file name is? (xxx.exe)

Hi Colin,

“bcc32c.exe” is a version of a Clang compiler. Please check and let me know if it is supported or not.

Hey there.

Everything in this post is still relevant today:

Meaning that, this is not a compiler we support.

As we work on rolling out Automatic Analysis to more platforms than GitHub later this year, we will also bring support of Automatic Analysis for C/C++ which does not have to care about the compiler.