System user activates deactivated rules

after sometime, SonarQube’s System user activates back deactivated rules in a extended profile

Edition: Community

Date: April 3, 2024 at 8:43 AM 
User: System 
Action: Activated  
Rule: [Field dependency injection should be avoided] 
Updates: Old severity set to Major

I have not updated anything on the system, nor SonarQube

How can I prevent the quality profile not be updated automatically ?

Hey there.

Is this Quality Profile extending from another Quality Profile? And perhaps somebody else is adjusting that one?

…rules in a extended profile

yes it is extended

nop, there is no user related to System

What I’m asking if somebody is adjusting the "parent’ Quality Profile (I’m not sure if you’ve shared a screenshot of the parent or extended quality profile). You should be able to check the changelog of the parent Quality Profile, if what you’ve shared a screenshot of isn’t it.

‘parent’ quality profile …like this ?

the previous screen is the change log, don’t know where else to look

I am absolutely at a loss for what cases System would do anything that isn’t involved in the startup and registering of rules. And, at second glance, changing a parent Quality Profile would recognize which user made the action (and wouldn’t register it as the system).

Can you quickly tell me how your SonarQube server is deployed? From a ZIP file, a Docker image…

it’s deployed from a zip file

now, that System user working at startup time…

I remember restarting the server because I added a plugin, so: I will wait a couple of weeks, install some plugin | restart the server and watch