Deactivated rules in child quality profiles are not ignored

  • versions used:
    SonarQube server 9.3.0

  • error observed:
    Deactivated parent rules in custom extended child language quality profiles are still created as issues

  • steps to reproduce:

  • Extend a language quality profile and mark it as the default
  • Bulk deactivate all code smells rules
  • Scan the project and you will find all code smells issues still reported

PS: Just to make sure I checked Under “Project Information” / “Quality Profiles used” it shows that the custom extended profiles marked as default is being used to scan the project

Hey there.

It’s not possible to deactivate rules that are present in the parent profile – probably you saw this message when bulk deactivating rules.

This means there were no changes done in your Quality Profile.

Checkout this feature request:

Oh OK, I hope that gets “Fixed” there must be a way to simply ignore specific rules scanning without crafting a new custom profile for every update