Synchronizing issues between long lived branches

(Jason Stanley) #1


SonarQube version 6.7.2 LTS

We are using the branch management feature in SonarQube and have a question about synching issues marked as FP or WF from one long lived branch to another long lived branch.

I have scanned both branches (master and develop) and I see both scans in my SonarQube project. Off my develop branch I created a branch and added a file with known issues. When I ran my scan of my feature branch, the quality gate failed, I marked those issues as FP, ran the scan again and the gate passed.

When I merged my code into develop and then scan the develop branch, those issues that were marked as FP, appear as FP (in Resolution Filter) in the develop branch.

Now I want to merge my changes from develop into master. Since these are both long lived branches. How do I sync those issues marked as FP in develop into master?

It appears the long lived branches are “single sub projects” in the sonarqube project.