Synchronize won't fix, resolved between long-lived branches

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  • Version 7.7
  • synchronize won’t fix, resolved between long-lived branches


We are experiencing issues because we use multiple long lived branches for our SonarQube projects.

  • Is there a way to synchronize won’t fix, resolved between long lived branches?
  • Are we using SonarQube branching in the proper way?
  • What do you suggest to solve our problem?

We are using Git Flow for our Gitlab projects. We have two long term branches per project: a master and develop branch. Features are developed in feature branches, which are branch offs from the develop branch. When we release the application we push develop to the master branch.

In SonarQube we have two long lived branches “master”, “develop” per Gitlab project. There is no synchronisation of won’t fix, resolved issues between the long-lived branches (develop -> master). This leads to different reports for master and develop. Feature branches are short lived branches of the develop branch.


Sorry, there’s not.

I guess you’re thinking that surely we’ve planned for this situation, so you must be overlooking something. If so, then thanks for your confidence. Unfortunately, we didn’t plan for this.

Since FP/WF issues are synchronized on PR merge, then adding one in (from Develop to Master, I guess) might help. I guess you’d need to re-FP the issues in question in that PR so there is probably exactly the duplicate work you’re looking to avoid. Unfortunately, that’s the best I’ve got. Maybe someone else in the community will have ideas.



don’t know if it helps, but there’s a plugin you might be interested in

seems not to be active anymore, and regarding the issues i believe it’s not working
for Sonarqube 7.7