Share resolutions between long-lived branches of a project

My company is operating a library of 120 modules and actively maintain multiple versions of this library - 2-3 major versions simultaneously live.
Each version has its own dedicated branch, similarly to Spring Framework GitHub - spring-projects/spring-framework: Spring Framework. We manually analyze each branch and all are configured as long-lived branch. Each new version branches at some point from the previous branch. For example, on the Spring example, 6.x diverged at some point from 5.x.

In this context, most of the code and issues from 6.x and 5.x are shared. When marking an issue as a false positive in one branch, will SonarCloud propagate that information to other major branches?

From my reading, it seems that it does not. Only merging a branch into the other propagates the resolutions.
And this is confirmed, what is the general practice for such projects? Manually port the false-positives from one branch to the other? Do not use long-lived branches? Only analyze one branch?

Thanks for any pointer


Sorry, but this doesn’t happen automatically. Manual propagation is the only way.