Synchronize FP/WF in the Main Branch if marked so in other branches

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Sonarqube Version - DataCenter Edition v9.8 (Deployed through Zip)

I am trying to better understand the issue synchronization between branches.

When an issue is marked as FP/WP manually in a Feature Branch and after merge that issue is still reported as open in the Develop Branch.

Here, I’m not using PR analysis. There is no integration with source control. The scan is triggered through a Jenkins job and the branch is specified as a parameter.
I did try setting up the Reference Branch in the New Code Definition and I had no luck there.

what are you trying to achieve
I am trying to understand if there is a way, where if I mark an issue as an FP/WF in a feature branch, will it be reflected in the Develop branch as well / Is there a way to achieve this?

Please let me know if further information is required.

Any help/suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!


Issue status - i.e. FP/WF - is synchronized from main to the branch on first analysis. Additionally, the status of issues marked FP/WF in a PR are synched into main after merge. But that’s it. There’s no ongoing, moment-to-moment synchronization between branches.


Hi @aravindnss,

Is this an issue that you’ve introduced in your feature branch?
If this is the case, setting Develop as the Reference Branch should also make it. The FP/WF status should follow the issue into the Develop branch.


Hi @ganncamp, @Chris,

Understood, Thanks for your valuable inputs.


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