Switching profile in a branch build


  • We are using the latest SQ6.7 (we have an enterprise license should this matter).
  • We migrated recently from SQ5 and had in there created a quality profile for Java with a lot of e.g. findbugs based rules which was the default for all projects.
  • Now we created a new profile and replaced most of the findbugs rules with those based on Squid.
  • To test the new profile we would like to use the new profile in branch builds to compare the outcome of the two. Is this possible?


Hi Mirko,

This isn’t possible. Branch analysis just isn’t designed that way.

As a side note, I want to make sure you’re aware that if your instance contains the FindBugs plugin, FindBugs will run at each analysis whether or not your profile uses any FB rules. So if you can fully make the jump to SonarJava rules, you’ll see an analysis performance boost if you drop the FB plugin. And just to be clear, this is entirely on the FB plugin side. Nothing we can do about it on the SQ side.


Hello Ann,

  • thanks for the answer.
  • I guess it would be possible by changing the project key, wouldn’t it? E.g. if I changed the artifactId from “my-project” to “my-project-test-sonar-profile”.
  • Comparing would be more difficult, though.


Hi Mirko,

Yes, changing the project key would have the desired effect. And it would have the side effect of causing you to be double-charged for the project’s LOC.