Quality profile specific to branches

Hello ,we are using SonarQube version 9.4, we are trying to build different quality profiles based on different branches PR. For example when there is PR from feature branch we want quality profile 1 to execute, when PR from develop to master we want quality profile 2 to execute. Is this possible in SonarQube while scanning the code ?
Why we do this : We have long list of rules to scan and we want to scan full list for new code but when any new version of code comes for example as part of bug fix the code is scanned with subset of rules to get more specific results on quality.
Please help in this regard.


This isn’t how SonarQube works. The profiles assigned to the project are used for all branches and PRs of that project.

Instead of trying to apply different rules to different branches, you should be using the Clean as You Code methodology: run all the rules all the time, but only worry about the issues raised on new code.