Swift plugin is unavailable

I upgraded from 7.9.2-community to 8.1-developer-beta with an evaluation license.

However I am not able to analyze Swift projects. The problem seems to be that the Swift plugin is not installed.

How can I resolve this issue?

The evaluation license is uploaded and I already deleted the plugins folder and reinstalled all other plugins.

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I was able to find a workaround to this problem. The culprit seems to be that plugins that are part of the Developer Edition are not automatically added when you have an existing volume mount on /opt/sonarqube/extensions. This however is required when running in Docker/Kubernetes.

This is how manually added the missing plugins.

Run Sonarqube in a Docker container:

docker run --name sonar --rm -p 9000:9000 sonarqube:8.1-developer-beta

Copy all plugins from the running container: (in a second bash)

docker exec -it sonar ls /opt/sq/extensions/plugins
docker cp sonar:/opt/sq/extensions/plugins .

Then I compared the list of plugins, manually picked the missing plugins, and copied them into my Sonarqube running in Kubernetes:

kubectl cp sonar-xxx.jar sonar-pod:/opt/sq/extensions/plugins/