Swift codeCoverage

can we install swift plugin for IOS code scan with Enterprise trail license?
When we tried to install Swift plugin, it threw an error as Plugin is available only on commercial version.

Hi Siva,

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You need to install the full enterprise package for the Swift plugin to function. You cannot copy this to an existing SonarQube CE install.

We recommend you set up a separate instance using a copy of your current environment’s DB for evaluations.



Sonar Swift plugin will not scan using Developer Edition?

Sorry if there is any confusion.

The Swift analyzer plugin is pre-packaged with all SonarQube commercial editions (Developer, Enterprise and Data Center). You do not need to copy this plugin into the installation to use.



Using docker image to run 8.4.2-developer, when service comes up, there are no plugins installed.

Hi Mark,

Take a look at this guide topic. You likely did not set up your volumes correctly.