Sveltekit support


I am new to SonarQube and would like to know if Svelte and Sveltekit JavaScript frameworks are supported?



hello @jblanco ,

we don’t have specific support for these frameworks, however, you can still benefit from our generic JavaScript rules for code quality and security.

@saberduck do you know if there are plans to support them? and if so, when will support be completed?


We are also in process of setting up SonarCloud and would be interested to know if there are plans to support Svelte.

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How do we go about that in SC?

I’ve added svelte as a language but nothing is getting scanned. Any documentation on scanning files like .tsx, .vue and .svelte with their own syntax?

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The .tsx and .vue extensions are considered out of the box by the JavaScript and TypeScript analyzers. You have nothing to configure:

Svelte is not supported out of the box but because it is built on top of HTML, I’ve got the feeling you can try to configure the HTML analyzer with .svelte extension and get your HTML code analyzed by SonarCloud. Warning: I did not test it myself.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the idea. I added .svelte to the HTML suffixes and it now includes the files in the code view, though not sure how best to provide test coverage for HTLM.


For HTML Coverage, there is no point to provide such data, so I suggest to apply an exclusion to tell SonarQube to not expect coverage on such .svelte files using the sonar.coverage.exclusions property:

Do you know whether it is possible to configure SonarQube to parse the <script lang="ts"></script> blocks using TypeScript? I put the .svelte in the list of HTML file extensions, but my typescript scripts blocs are ignored.