Support & Status of Perforce Plugin

(dh3008) #1

Hi! :grin:

Currently, the Perforce plugin ( is not working for SonarQube 7.4.
According to the plugin version matrix (, the plugin is incompatible starting with version 7.3.

Is there a possibility that the plugin will be supported for the current (and upcoming) SonarQube releases?

Thanks for your help!

(Colin Mueller) #2

Hey there,

This plugin was deprecated by SonarSource some time ago and moved into our SonarQubeCommunity repo. Nobody is currently maintaining it, and it makes use of APIs that are no longer in the most recent versions of SonarQube.

If you are looking for a side-project, feel free to ask about adoption. :slight_smile:



(Jeff Vincent) #3

May I ask why is it deprecated? Perforce is still a valid SCM tool. Big companies use it for better or worse (like mine). I’m trying really hard to sell our organization on SonarQube (instead of Coverity–yuck) and Perforce support will be an issue (along with Groovy support).

If perforce is no longer supported, is there recommended way to still use SonareQube 7.6 if we use Perforce?

As for the plugin, it seems others have been submitting pull requests to enable support the new APIs and fix issues. Is the only way to get those changes merged or the plugin updated is to get a new maintainer? It seems that SonarSource employees would be best suited to make sure the pull requests or source changes will work with the new SonarQube APIs.