Support SonarQube Github actions on Windows self-hosted runners

Are SonarQube GitHub actions are supported on the onpremise windows self hosted or only on the Ubuntu as it is specified in the examples?

About self-hosted runners - GitHub Docs


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You’ve linked to GitHub’s docs about runners. We can’t answer questions about what GitHub does or does not support. If you’re asking whether analysis runs only on Ubuntu, the answer is no. Generally, analysis runs anywhere Java does.


Thanks for reply Ann!
Here in the examples, I can only see Ubuntu is specified


That’s an example.

Have you tried this on Windows?


Hi Ann,

No, I have not tried yet, as we would need to provision build server for that.

If it is supported we can give it a try.


We do not have server for GitHub actions yet, but most likely actions on Windows Runners will fail. SonarQube GithHub action is Dockerfile type as seen here:
sonarqube-scan-action/Dockerfile at master · SonarSource/sonarqube-scan-action (

GitHub documentation states:
" If you want to run workflows that use Docker container actions or service containers, you must use a Linux machine and Docker must be installed."

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