DOT Sonarqube Installation Issue


I was able to configure the SonarQube server to talk to our GitHub repo ( I was successfully able to run the scan on one of the repo and analyze project locally. But it involves lot of manual steps to run the scan which is not feasible for long run. So I started exploring the option of analyzing the repository using GitHub actions but still there is no luck. I am stuck at executing the build action on GitHub repo

Hey there.

It looks like your GitHub Action is failing long before SonarQube analysis – but just checking out your code!

This is really outside of where we can help – but you might checkout this GitHub issue ([Windows] Runner failing to extract project - Path too long · Issue #1746 · actions/runner · GitHub) where a user has faced a similar issue. I imagine you’re using self-hosted runners? Perhaps you just need to ensure that git is installed.

Hello Colin thanks for your assistance, we already tried this but not working.


I’m not sure there’s any help we can provide – you should work on making sure that GitHub Actions works as expected for your environment, and then add in SonarQube analysis (at which point we can be helpful).