Sonarqube-scan-action throws "Container action is only supported on Linux' error on windows runner

Hi All,

I am trying to use “sonarsource/sonarqube-scan-action@master” in the GitHub Actions workflow with Windows self-hosted runner. However, when I try to use it on windows self-hosted runner it throws an error.

[GHA Code]:
runs-on: self-hosted

  • name: Sonarqube scan Oci
    uses: sonarsource/sonarqube-scan-action@master
    projectBaseDir: projectname
    SONAR_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.APITOKEN}}
    SONAR_HOST_URL: ${{ secrets.URL}}

Run sonarsource/sonarqube-scan-action@master
Error: Container action is only supported on Linux

is there any way to execute it on a Windows self-hosted runner?


Welcome to the community!

You might be interested in Wine*.


*I haven’t tried it myself