Support for Java latest JDK versions in SQ 8.9 LTS

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We are operating SQ 8.9.5 LTS version. And we have plenty of projects and most of them are JAVA. A few project teams are planning to upgrade to the latest JAVA versions (15, 16 and 17).

Is there any link or reference document to get the supported Java JDK versions in SQ 8.9 LTS release. From SQ 8.9 documentation, Java | SonarQube Docs, we found that we can use project’s specific JDK for the analysis with the help of analysis parameter But it didn’t have the details about supported versions of JDK..

Does SQ 8.9 LTS supports all latest JDK versions (JDK 16 & 17) ? Please clarify.

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This is the most recent statement regarding JDK 16/17 that I could find: Will Java 16 and 17 be supported in SonarQube 8.9 LTS? - #2 by Michael

Unfortunately, and to answer explicitly your question: No, you won’t be able to have the support of Java 16 and Java 17 with SQ 8.9 LTS . Since SQ 7.9 LTS, versions of languages analyzers are sticked to SQ versions, and can not be independently updated.

Consequently, the only way to get access to the support of Java 16 and 17 before our next LTS is to rely on the latest releases of the SonarQube 9.X series.


Thanks @felipebz .

This is still the case. Support of the latest versions of the JDK is only going to be available through the latest SonarQube 9.X versions, or using SonarCloud. It will not be backported to SQ 8.9 LTS.

Official SonarSource support of Java 17 should be released at the end of the week. It will then be shipped with SonarQube 9.3 (expected at the end of January), and available in a few days on SonarCloud.



Thanks @Michael and @felipebz for the quick response.

Prakash Raju

Our policy allows use only LTS version.
9.3 will be LTS?

Hello @kirill_nn,

9.3 will not be LTS. Our LTS are released approximately every 18 months. Given that 8.9 LTS was released in May 2021, this sets a timeline of around Q4 2022 or Q1 2023 for 9.x LTS.



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