SonarQube Server support Java 17


What version are we using? SonarQube enterprise Version 8.9.; Scanner - java-17 (adopt openjdk)

We’ve upgraded sonarqube scanner version to Java17(adopt openjdk) and most of our applications are running on Java 8,11,12,17.

  1. Is sonarqube server support applications running Java 17?
  2. Since we’ve upgraded the scanner to 17, will it support of apps running on Java 8,11,12,17?

Please let me know



Welcome to the community!

SonarQube 8.9 does not support Java 17: neither for running the server / scanner nor for analysis of Java 17 code in projects.

In SonarQube 9.4, Java 17 is supported for running analysis, and parsing of Java 18 code (and 17, too) is also supported.

Regarding the version of Java your code runs with, as long as you analyze with a supported version of Java, you can compile with or to whatever version of Java you like.


Thanks Ann, Is Java 17 on sonarscanner supports projects using Java 9 and under?


You can analyze Java 1.4 if you like as long as you use a supported JVM to run the analyzer.