Support for Dart?

We would also love to see SonarQube support for Dart/Flutter, the majority of our company use Sonar, but the part that works with app tech is left out.

Hi there! Our company has made the switch to Flutter as well. SonarQube support would be amazing.
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Our Company would like to use SonarQube for flutter.
We are really looking forward for dart/flutter support.


My organisation have standardise the use of flutter as a main language. We really looking forward for dart/flutter support.


So i take it sonarcloud has no flutter scanning available. Any ETA on availability

We also use Flutter to develop multiplatform apps for mobile devices. Support fur dart in sonnarcloud would be awsome

Hey Clint,

In our startup we are using and recommending Flutter as our preferred Mobile App Development platform. It will be great to have support of DART in Sonarqube.

I agree that Dart support and anything specific for Flutter would be great additions. We are a very heavy user of SQ (LOC ~ 18,000,000) and have been assessing Flutter vs. RN for about a year.


We are also interested in Dart/Flutter support into Sonarcloud.

Does anybody use this plugin ?


Our company has been using Flutter for a few projects now. We would love to see it supported on SonarCloud/SonarQube as well.


One more vote for including Dart/Flutter to SonarQube! :slight_smile:


Yep also from my side, that would be a very good feature to have. I work with a lot of companies in Germany that currently want to work more and more with Flutter and Dart.

Therefore a Sonarqube integration would be amazing to give them even more trust in the framework. The Flutter Framework is currently at 107k Stars on GitHub wich shows its relevance.

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Please, when will you have flutter and dart support?

Flutter and Dart would be nice :slight_smile:

One more vote from me on the Dart/Flutter support.

Dart already has support for linters and offers some issues already via the dartanalyzer tool. In our company, Sonar has become the reference tool to do static code analysis so it would be nice if the existing dart tools could be integrated in the Sonar flow so we can keep our programmers on a single tool.

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+1 to add support for Flutter/Dart. We have a large team of around 30 engineers on mobile, planning to grow to 50 this year, and recently committed to using Flutter.


+1 for this.

As a software architect in the mobile context, I’m struggling to find good tools provide metrics of code quality for my Flutter application.

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+1 this would be super useful for us

+1 for this.

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