Should we install Dart/Flutter plugin for SonarQube?

Hi Team, We have sonarqube setup in our Organization. One of the customer is requesting to install Dart/Flutter plugin for SonarQube. But from officially we found there is no support for Dart plugin. But still customer is looking for that plugin to be installed & suggested one documnet.

But in this case we have lot of questions to install directly on my environment as it is not approved from SonarQube officially, we don’t which type of challenges that we can face after installation.I have some queries as mentioned below.

  1. What is the Diff b/n Dart & Flutter ?
  2. Is it only using for mobile Apps, any other purposes ?
  3. As per above doc, we are not sure exactly which part needs to install on client side & which part in Server side ?
  4. We thought flutter installation, sonarscanner, is from sonarQube server side, Android setup on client side.But Where we need to install Dart SDK?

Please help us to install dart plugin for sonarQube.
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Hello, Please update on this.

Greetings Revathi,

You should ask the maintainer of the plugin these questions.


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So, did you try the plugin? We have one dart project and want to use it.

@Colin_SonarSource isn’t the hidden question also if and when will SonarQube officially support Dart? It’s not on the roadmap I see.

It’s not on our roadmap today. You can vote for it here.