Sonarqube support for flutter mobile app

Hello ,

Our team is in the process of building a mobile app with flutter platform and app would be deployed to PlayStore and AppStore. We are exploring how SonarCube could help with code quality scanning and SAST analysis. Currently i dont see Dart/Flutter as supported languages/framworks sonarcube. Wanted to under is there any plan to support flutter/dart based apps in future.

Thanks for response in advance.

Hello @madhusmc,

First of all, welcome to the SonarSource community :wave:. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

My answer will be split in 2 parts:

  1. As of today there is no plan for SonarSource to develop a Dart/Flutter in a foreseeable future (we don’t establish long term roadmaps though, we want to keep our agility to change priorities regularly)
  2. The above point 1. does not prevent you to analyze your Dart/Flutter code. You have 2 options for that:
    – Either install a 3rd party community Dart/Flutter plugin. It’s up to you to assess the quality (stability, performance) and value (rules implemented etc…) of the plugin. I let you search and select one, as we can’t really recommend any particularly
    – Or, you can use the standalone Dart/Flutter linters of the market (there are several of them, you can even run them all), and feed into SonarQube the output of those linters through the External issues import feature. For that you’ll have to convert the report of those linters into the generic JSON format requested by SonarQube. This is usually not a big deal since issues are generally always composed of the same information: A file, A line number, A issue/rule id. (Of course this can be richer, but those 3 informations are the 3 minimum you need to extract from the linter report and format in the JSON).


To complement, you can upvote this thread, even if that does not represent a commitment from SonarSource.

Thanks Olivier, yeah we are exploring the other options. It’ll be great to have sonarqube supporting dart/flutter, so we have standardized solution for all pieces of the platform.

I understand. And on the other hand there are so many languages out there that we have to make choices. We tend to focus on languages with the highest installed code base world wide (so that our efforts serve the needs of a maximum of developers) or languages that have a confirmed trend that they will have a wide adoption in the future. We regularly see languages that are very trendy for a short time then fall out of grace rapidly. (Not that this will be the case for Dart/Flutter, hopefully)


Our company switched mobile application development to Flutter, it will be a great if SonarQube supports for Flutter/ Dart. Please let us know when it will be available in roadmap.


Hello @Samadhan,

There is no plan for the moment, but the need is well noted for the future.
In the mean time you could use a 3rd party community plugin if you are interested


Hello, I am also very interesting in Flutter/Dart support. So, please let me know as well when it will be available :slight_smile: