Support for Dart?


Are there any plan to support Dart? Flutter is growing a lot recently as mobile cross platform framework. It comes with dart analyzer and coverage. But I think to have Sonarqube support will make things centralized and better visibility.


Hi Zara,

First, thanks for joining the SonarSource Community!

Regarding Dart, we don’t have any immediate plans for a Dart analyzer, however we’re keeping an eye on it so stay tuned! :sunglasses:

Is Dart your only programming language or just one of many in your toolbox?


Glad to hear that!

Its one of many, but my current company started to invest on Flutter and they asked if theres any chance to have Sonarqube analyzer for Dart. We would like to have it as part of our CI.

Thanks :smile:

Dart and Flutter are becoming mainstream with our app development teams. Please prioritise and offer the support in the near future.


Dart and Flutter inspection would be a very welcome addition to our CI pipeline too.

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I think Dart and Flutter support would be a great addition. Coming from native apps with Kotlin and Swift, we sadly had to remove Sonar from our pipelines.

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Sorry back to this thread again @Clint.Cameron . I guess as Flutter now is above RN in term of github stars could be one good reason to have support for dart / flutter :stuck_out_tongue: