Support for Dart?


Are there any plan to support Dart? Flutter is growing a lot recently as mobile cross platform framework. It comes with dart analyzer and coverage. But I think to have Sonarqube support will make things centralized and better visibility.


Hi Zara,

First, thanks for joining the SonarSource Community!

Regarding Dart, we don’t have any immediate plans for a Dart analyzer, however we’re keeping an eye on it so stay tuned! :sunglasses:

Is Dart your only programming language or just one of many in your toolbox?


Glad to hear that!

Its one of many, but my current company started to invest on Flutter and they asked if theres any chance to have Sonarqube analyzer for Dart. We would like to have it as part of our CI.

Thanks :smile:

Dart and Flutter are becoming mainstream with our app development teams. Please prioritise and offer the support in the near future.


Dart and Flutter inspection would be a very welcome addition to our CI pipeline too.

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I think Dart and Flutter support would be a great addition. Coming from native apps with Kotlin and Swift, we sadly had to remove Sonar from our pipelines.

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Sorry back to this thread again @Clint.Cameron . I guess as Flutter now is above RN in term of github stars could be one good reason to have support for dart / flutter :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Zara,

Thanks for stopping by again! :wave:

Let me say, we’re continuing to track the popularity of Dart and while we still don’t have any official plans to support Dart, it’s certainly possible that it could be added to our roadmap in the future.

I realize that’s pretty non-committal :neutral_face:. So, I encourage other folks out there that have adopted Dart and want to see us add it as a language, to let us know here on Community so our Product Managers can continue to gauge demand and properly evaluate it for roadmap consideration. Thanks!!

Hey Clint,

Hehe. No biggies, just trying to push our luck here. I’ll try to see where / how can I spread the words to others.


we would also apreciate having dart support in sonar so that we are able to integrate it into our ci pipeline.
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We currently use SonarQube to analyze our Python and Javascript projects, and it’s branch analysis is already on our PR workflow.
Our mobile development team really struggles with the lack of Dart/Flutter support.
We’re currently searching for another tool that makes static code analysis for flutter/dart, but using just one tool is much easier.
Please, consider adding support to Dart/Flutter.



I work with Bruno Franca and have already used SonarQube on Python projects on Pearson Brasil.
To have a good code analysis tool, specially one integrated with ci, is not a plus any more, is a need.

I think having support for Dart in Sonar will help into spread the use of this incredible tool.


Hi, Flutter is becoming mainstream in our company so I would like to request SonarQube for Dart/Flutter support.

Luong The Vinh

Headsup that it looks like someone is working on a community-supported plugin! insideapp-oss/sonar-flutter. I’m sure any support you can give them would help make Dart well supported for SonarQube, even if supported by the community and not SonarSource.


Any chances of using this with SonarCloud?

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Hi Guys!

Really looking forward to have my Dart/Flutter code analyzed by SonarQube on my CI/CD pipeline.
Please consider that as our community is growing exponentially =)


I’d really like to see Dart and Flutter support!

Hi, Flutter is mainstream in our company so I would like to request SonarQube for Dart/Flutter support as well.

Best regards,

We would also love to see SonarQube support for Dart/Flutter, the majority of our company use Sonar, but the part that works with app tech is left out.

Hi there! Our company has made the switch to Flutter as well. SonarQube support would be amazing.
Best regards