Support for custom TypeScript rules planned?

Hello everyone,

we from devonfw are currently looking for ways to analyze TypeScript code with our custom architectural rules. As far as I can see, the best solution to do so with SonarQube right now is to implement custom rules in ESLint and import the generated issues.

Nevertheless we were interested in whether it is planned to have custom TypeScript rules in a SonarQube plugin.
Related to that, will the support for custom JavaScript rules be maintained in the future?

Thanks in advance and greetings


We do no plan to provide a way to implement custom rules inside a SQ plugin using Java.
The Java way to implement custom rules for JavaScript is deprecated and will be removed once we will remove our own rules written in Java so once they will be all migrated to ESLint.

I confirm the way to go to write custom rules for JavaScript or TypeScript is to rely on ESLint and to import them into SonarQube using the Importing External Issues feature.


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